Go barefoot, live healthier and happier

by Lynn WL

Going barefoot is a magical experience. Is it any wonder that most kids don't like wearing anything on their feet? They will try to take off whatever footwear they have on at every chance they've got.

Being barefoot is just so natural and liberating. Unfortunately, while its sometimes necessary to wear shoes (like in extreme temperatures or when there is hazardous stuff on the ground), most adults have to conform to societal rules and wear shoes most of the time.

But even many adults don't like the feeling of having their feet enclosed in shoes all day. They usually take off their shoes when they come home from work and go barefoot or at least wear slippers which are somewhat less confining and more comfortable than shoes. Some don't seem to mind wearing shoes all the time. They probably only take them off when they go to bed or take a shower/bath. If you're one of them, you may want to try taking off your shoes more often and see how much better it feels.

Besides being natural, going barefoot is also healthy. It allows your feet to breathe and move more freely. It also reduces the chance of having foot deformity which is caused by wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes. In addition, if your feet sweat (and most feet do) the inside of your shoes becomes good breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus, and other types of germs. Besides being unhealthy, they also stink! You can reduce this by taking them off and letting them dry out before wearing them again. In the mean time you can enjoy the freedom of being barefoot.

By going barefoot you can also feel the different textures and temperatures of the surface your walking on like the soft and plush carpet, the hardwood floor or tile in your house. Stepping on a cool tile floor on a hot summer day is an awesome feeling.

Some people take it a step further. They go barefoot outside the house. Then they are able to feel even more variety of surfaces like grass, concrete, soil, and sand. Btw, walking on grass covered with morning dew is just heavenly. If you have never done this, your missing out on one of lifes's most simple pleasures.

You may also have heard of earthing or grounding. This is when the unwanted electricity or energy (like free radicals) from your body gets discharged into the earth, making you healthier and more relaxed. But this can only happen when you go barefoot on natural surfaces. You can learn more about this by doing an online search.

I understand that going barefoot in public places like stores, etc. while legal (yes, it is! Don't believe anyone that tells you otherwise), may not be for everyone for whatever reason. But you can always do it at home and in the yard, if you have it, and still reap the benefits of walking in bare feet. Then see if after a while you don't become healthier and happier.

One last thing: don't be afraid of getting your feet dirty. It won't hurt you as long as your skin is intact. Its part of the fun, and you can always wash them.

So yeah, going barefoot is magical, and once you experience it you may be addicted :) If you want to learn more and read interesting experiences about it, check out our blog: Enjoy Going Barefoot.

Disclaimer: this article is my personal opinion, and is based on my own knowledge and experiences. I'm not giving any professional advice.

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