How Your Positive Attitude Changes The World

by Tania WL

OK, let's do a little fun exercise. First, examine your thoughts. What kinds of thoughts fill your head? Would you say they're positive or negative?

Now pretend that you are walking down the street having these thoughts. Do you think people that see you (even strangers) can tell you what kind of mood you are in? The answer is yes! Although people can't tell exactly what you're thinking, they can tell how you're feeling.

Next question. When you enter a party full of people, do their moods change? How? Do they like perk up as if expecting something wonderful to happen or do they like become quiet all of a sudden? You know what? The answer to all these depends on how you are feeling at the time. Not necessarily physically, but emotionally. Are you feeling happy and wonderful or sad, angry, worried, etc?

You see, thoughts are very powerful. They affect your general attitude, which in turn is reflected on your appearance. Unless, of course, you are a great a…

5 Habits of Habitually Happy People

by Lynn WL

Ok, so my sister Tania has shared with you 3 simple steps to living a happy life, and she gave me an assignment (yeah, that's what older siblings do to the younger ones, lol) to kinda pick up where she left off. So here I am :) But instead of continuing with number 4, I'm gonna share with you a few important habits or traits of people who live a happy life.

1. Make other people happy.

I'm sure you have helped others in many different ways big or small. Did you notice how you felt afterwards? I bet you were happy! So you should make this a habit.

It doesn't have to be anything big like helping someone with a major project. It can be something as simple as carrying someone's bag or opening the door for them. Practice random acts of kindness. Yes, even to strangers!

How else can you make another person happy? By sharing your own happiness with them. In fact, all you need to do is show you're joy by laughing or smiling. Did you know that smiling at others…

3 Simple Steps to a Happy Life

by Tania WL

Are you a happy person? Are you happy everyday, most of the time? That certainly does not mean you never feel sad, angry, worried or any other negative emotions. Those are all part of life. In fact, the ups and downs make life more interesting and exciting, just like riding a roller coaster. :) But the important thing is you should be up more often than down. A lot more! When you're down you should do everything in your power to get back up. Believe it or not, being happy is the natural state of being. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Studies have shown that being stressed or feeling negative in any way contributes to poor health. In fact, stress is the number one cause of most illnesses from minor aches and pains to the most serious ones such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. So, happiness is essential to living a healthy and fulfilled life.

How can you be happy most of the time? There are several ways to achieve this. Here are 3 simple steps.

1. Have an attitude of g…

Personal Development 101


by Tania WL

Personal development is a tool you can use to make your life magical. My little sister Sharleen and I enjoy our lives to the fullest. But it wasn't always that way for me. I was a "problem child" growing up. I was rebellious (still am today, but in a different way, lol) and was frequently in a nasty mood. I hated a lot of things and often gave my parents and siblings grief.

Long story short, I went through counseling. The counselor was a very kind and patient lady who had gone through a lot herself. She taught me personal development principles which helped me a lot. I was able to see plenty of wonderful things that life has to offer, and my attitude towards life gradually changed. Now I always look for and focus on the positive, and have an attitude of gratitude. I also went on school retreats which helped reinforce what I learned from the counseling.

Sharleen is completely different. She never needed any counseling. She has a cheerful dispositi…